Aeolis Skincare

Aeolis Skincare

Rhodes, Greece

Aeolis, a natural skincare brand of Greece, draws inspiration from the archipelago of the Aegean Sea amidst the charm of wondrous Greek islands.


"Holistic wellbeing, passion for real beauty, inner euphoria and spiritual awakening are at the core of Aeolis research."


Ancient “aeolis” was the region comprising the Greek islands of the Aegean Archipelagos, plus the shores of Asia Minor. The over 2,000 islands create a unique natural haven of environs that host over 5,500 different plant species of high biological value, with potent ingredients and superior cosmetological significance. The most prominent is the olive tree, treasured as a valuable food source as well as a therapeutic natural remedy that’s packed with valuable nutrients for beautiful looking skin.


With headquarters on the Aegean Archipelagos, in the heart of the Mediterranean, aeolis is inspired by the charisma of the Greek and Mediterranean islands, the sun, the light, the sacred olive tree, the aromas, the colors, the herbs. Aeolis draws on the finest details to capture the essence of natural olive remedies, the bounty of timeless beauty.


These skin care remedies from the Aegean are for the largely globally conscious, who and sensitive towards environmental issues and in search of quality, natural products.