LILA International Prints Collection

Athens, Greece

We are excited to introduce our two signature collections: LILA Luxe Jewelry and LILA Luxe Prints. Both collections change seasonally with limited-edition items that will never be replicated (just like you). 


The vibrant colors and culture of Greece stimulate our creative side! The absurdly rich blue of the Aegean Sea bathed in sunlight. Whitewashed buildings with tiled roofs painted burnt-orange. Fields of wildflowers in fabulous reds, purples, and yellows. Mountainous islands and mythological gods. What an incredible palette to draw from!


This season’s collection of prints showcases the beauty of summer in Athens and the Greek countryside as captured through the lens of Athens-based landscape photographer Marisa Lyra. The original scenes include the beach of a small coastal village in Northern Greece; a sunset at Cape Sounion, the site of the ancient Greek Temple of Poseidon; a seaside cafe overlooking the Saronic Gulf; a flower cart on the quiet street of Plaka in Old Athens…go ahead, pretend you’re there.

Some of the prints are coupled with quotes from Greek poets, notable philosophers, or literary figures. If you feel the way we do, you’ll want to take this quote to heart: “She decided to live the life she always imagined.”


ON THE HORIZON: Landscapes of cities from around the world will be featured in a future season.