Tomy K

Tomy K.

Athens, Greece

When you long to relive a happy memory: light a candle. For us, the scent of lemongrass transports us back to Greece, sipping tea at our grandmother’s kitchen table. The citrusy aroma calms our senses and is a soothing balm for the soul. The same can be said of figs. A few whiffs and we are once again in our grandmother’s garden, picking figs straight from the trees whose sturdy branches we grew up swinging on, filling basketfuls of the ripe fruit to gift to friends and neighbors.


Tomy Karaiskos, the Greek artist and designer behind this line of luxury, aromatic candles from Greece, invites us to conjure favorite memories with each lighting. LILA is pleased to offer the Lemongrass and Mastiha scented candles in glass containers, which have a burn time of approximately 40 hours. We’re also offering the Jasmine, Green Tea, Sandalwood, Cinnamon and Wild Fig scented candles in handmade ceramic pots, which burn for approximately 55 hours.


These are true, mood-setting candles that melt away tension…one slow breath at a time.