LILA Care Packages $ 25.00

We've curated a few care packages at different price points to make it easier for you to send a little something special to a dear friend or loved one who you're missing. Because while we may be in self-quarantine, life still goes on. And though we can't celebrate those birthdays, anniversaries and milestones in person just yet with our loved ones, we still want to show them we care.   


Care Packages:

Option 1: Milloo Floral Canvas & Leather Cube; Ceramic Wall Flower (small); Formulary55 Facial Treatment; Formulary55 Sparkling Bath Tablet; 'I miss you' card

Option 2: CeeCee & Bee Tub Tea; Formulary55 Facial Treatment; Formulary55 sparkling bath tablet; Formulary55 Shea Butter & Body Creme; 'Oh, What Fun' Card

Option 3: Formulary55 Facial Treatment; 2 Bathorium Single-Soak Bath Packets; Dan300 Lip Balm Day & Night Duo; 'Hello' Card

Option 4: Karavan Jumbo Scrunchie; Wyld Konjac Facial Cleansing Sponge; Bathorium Single-Soak Bath Packet; 'Ooh La La' Card

Option 5: Charm bracelet; 'Pardon my French' Card


Please note: Packages may vary slightly based on product availability.