Faith Top $ 87.00

Meet the Karavaners, some contemporary nomads, designing clothes and stuff to accompany you through your everyday stroll. Designed in Greece, manufactured by local craftsmen and artisans, provided by high quality raw materials. Karavan Clothing creates their very own patterns and designs for women of an exploratory nature; daring and bohème, easy-going and exquisite, intellectual and spirited. Designated to travel all around the world, Karavan clothing is here to be worn by every girl and woman longing to feel motivated, special and loved.



  • Round Neck Top in Ikat Black
  • Sizing is Small/Medium and Medium/Large
  • Classy
  • Lovely Detail On Shoulders 
  • Also Love the Fuller Sleeve
  • Fits True To Size
  • Top’s Height: 0,55cm
  • Pattern Uniquely Designed For Karavan Clothing
  • 100% Pes
  • Model’s Height: 1,75cm , Wears small/medium