FW16 | Cat-Eye Bracelet $ 35.00

Designed and handmade by local artisans in Athens, Greece the LILA Luxe Collection was inspired by the country's vibrant culture and colors. Each jewelry piece is unique, and may feature genuine gemstones, mother of pearl, Swarovski crystal beads and sterling silver charms and accents. 



The Cat-Eye Bracelet Set is fashioned with beautiful charcoal cat-eye beads and both gold plated sterling silver and sterling silver accents. Also ornamenting the bracelets is a delicate angel charm as well as a sweet little owl, representative of wisdom. Add this one-of-a-kind piece to your jewelry collection and take a little bit of wisdom and positive energy where ever you go! 

  • Handmade in Greece
  • Every bead is handpicked and unique 

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