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Lusting // I’m majorly crushing on this printed top (see photo) from Lila Fashion International – a local fashion/lifestyle boutique that sources merchandise from all over the world... The sister team at Lila works with small, talented designers, but most have not been exposed to the US market. For this reason alone, their shop is an awesome place to buy unique gifts (hello, Mother’s Day!) – perfect for the jet-setting girl at heart.
 - Lindsey, Founder of The Motherchic, Apr ‘17

A Parisian in America

4 Essentials of Summer with LILA Fashion International

Bonjour my Beauties, today's article is about my beloved Lila Fashion International, if you have been reading my blog for some time you must recall my earlier collaboration with the brand. The first thing you'll notice is after almost a year, I am still in love with these sandals and handbag. This is the perfect example when I encourage you to buy classic statement piece instead of falling into trendy things, it has to be worth the investment you know!
 - Blogger Alpa Rama, Apr ‘17

Manayunk Magazine & MYNK Blog

BUSINESS SAVVY: Meet The Ladies Behind LILA

We were delighted to share our story (and our beautiful new space!) with the crew. Catch our feature in the fall '16 issue of Manayunk magazine, or on the official MYNK blog, below.
 - Sept '16

Manayunk Mornings

Tune in to Episode 4 of's bi-monthly web series Manayunk Mornings for a special tour of the LILA Fashion International boutique on Main Street. Then stop by!

- July '16 


Roxborough Review

LILA Fashion International Opens Manayunk Storefront

We wanted people to feel like they could experience and appreciate and bring home a piece of the world without having to leave the country, or without needing a passport or anything like that, and that’s kind of how the concept came about,” Laura Anne said. When searching for the perfect location, Laura Anne said Manayunk — and the Philadelphia area — was the ideal fit for their new store.
 - June ‘16

Cosmos Philly

LILA Fashion International Announces Opening of Retail Boutique in Manayunk

Among the products featured on the LILA Fashion International website that will now be available in their new Main Street boutique, are handcrafted jewelry pieces made from semi-precious stones in Greece; winged sandals traditionally made in Cyprus; sunglasses framed with wood from the Greek Isle of Syros; and silk pajamas designed and handcrafted in South Africa. The LILA founders also have two signature collections featuring limited edition jewelry and prints inspired by their Mediterranean homeland.
 - June ‘16

Worldwide Greeks

Greek-Owned Fashion Boutique Opens in Pennsylvania

Two Greek American sisters, Lisa Lamprou and Laura Anne Lamprou, are opening a new fashion boutique in Pennsylvania. The two sisters have very distinct personal styles, but they have successfully merged them, along with their love of travel, to create an eclectic fashion and lifestyle brand. Although their e-store has been open for business since July 2015, they recently decided to open up their first storefront. Ever since the online store launched, they have been solely focused on building their online brand.
 - June ‘16

Roxborough - Manayunk Patch

LILA Fashion Announces Retail Boutique on Main Street in Manayunk

LILA Fashion International is coming to Main Street. The women’s fashion & lifestyle brand, owned by Greek American sisters, will bring eclectic fashion to Manayunk. The fashion and lifestyle retailer, which has be focused on growing its online presence since launching its e-shop in July 2015, features an eclectic mix of merchandise sourced from around the globe. This international collection grew out of two sisters’ desire to share their passion for exquisitely made foreign fashion, a news release states.
 - June ‘16

A Parisian in America

LILA Fashion International x A Parisian In America

Bonjour my Beauties, I am back from my Europe trip with this amazing collaboration with LILA Fashion International, an online store that offers you an electric mix of items sourced from around the globe that is stylish and affordable.
 - Blogger Alpa Rama, Apr ‘16

Home + Table Magazine

11th Hour Valentines: How to look like you’ve been eyeing up the perfect gift for weeks.

Guys, Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. If that’s news, you clearly haven’t thought through the devastation that’s going to follow when you show up empty-handed. Don’t panic. Help is on the way. We asked Laura Anne and Lisa Lamprou, the Bryn Mawr-based sisters behind our new favorite shopping site, LILA Fashion International, to pull a few of their best gift ideas. Feel free to pass them off as your own. We’ll never tell. (And ladies, you now have a fallback.)
 - Scott Edwards, Feb '16